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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 22 and 23—Developing a Workable Schedule and Dealing with Distractions

Well as a result of yesterday, I have found my schedule that I THOUGHT worked is, in fact, not realistic or workable at all! Haha—especially in this time of preparing for my husband’s upcoming deployment (6 days!!)…

I really let my building and home project frustrations stream out as I attempted get my ‘little idol’ (aka: schedule) completed yesterday. Andrew (who was trying to help me—I am not the best team player when it comes to projects) caught it as I was blubbering about my so-called priorities (relating to this study) and looking at my pitiful project I just royally screwed up on. He asked, “What are your priorities?” That question really hit harder than I thought as it haunted me throughout the evening. My convictions set in and I realized I was not giving my priorities proper ranking.

Thus, it is time to step back, reevaluate and develop a WORKABLE schedule that deals with distractions. Here are some suggestions that might help you that have helped me:

1. Sarah suggests we go back to that list of priorities we made at the very beginning of our study. Review it. Is there something from your time log you can see is distracting you from getting proper things done or paying attention to your husband or children? Is it the computer? Is it a project you just HAVE to get done in a certain time frame you have set for yourself (like me)? Set a time limit on it or schedule a special time for it.

2. Make sure you schedule a time for your hobbies. Yes, like we talked about above, it needs a time schedule too since we are running on a time budget of sorts. If you don’t, you might end up wasting that time or losing it all together.

3. Do what comes naturally. You have been given a different personality style and you need to do what works for you to accomplish these things. Look at your schedule too and log in consistent things (like lunches, activities and dinners). That will help you plan your day accordingly.

4. Write it down then stick it somewhere you will see it throughout the day. It’s like a little time accountability partner!! But it can and will change—so be flexible and DON’T make it an idol!!

5. Lastly, look at what is distracting you. What’s distracting you from God or your housework or doing good to your husband/family? Sarah uses the example of Dave Ramsey’s “gazelle and CHEETAH” exercise. He uses that to exemplify the fleeing we should do with financial distractions (like credit cards) so we don’t leave our goals ‘to collect dust on the bookshelf of good intentions’ (Sarah). If the distraction is something other than husband or children or other higher priority, you must yell ‘CHEETAH!’ and flee!

“Give no sleep to your eyes, nor slumber to your eyelids. Deliver yourself like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter, and like a bird from the hand of the fowler.”—Proverbs 6:4-5

I hope this helps you just as much as I hope and pray it helps me. Thanks for your persistence in following this devotional. Remember, don't give up but try and try again!

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