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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 9: Confronting Laziness

I have had the best time hanging out with my husband these last couple of days! We have done so much together, enjoying the days, and talked about a lot that has had precedence on our minds.

Yet I don’t feel like it should be Tuesday already!

Does it ever seem that time seems to fly by on you?

Andrew and I were lying in bed last night thinking ‘Wow, is it already Tuesday? Are we already in May? Where has our week gone?’ It seems the verse in Ephesians seems to always come back to mind:

“Look carefully to how you walk….as wise, making the best use of the time because the days are evil… understand what the will of the Lord is.” Ephesians 5:15-17

Quite fitting as today’s challenge is to confront our laziness.

“So much attention is paid to the aggressive sins, such as violence and cruelty and greed with all their tragic effects that too little attention is paid to the passive sins, such as apathy and laziness, which in the long run can have a more devastating effect.”—Eleanor Roosevelt

Isn’t that true? I really don’t see my desire to just say ‘Oh, I will do that later’ and pick up something else as a laziness issue. In fact, I feel with my constant drive to get things done, I would be considered anything BUT lazy. However, that is very far from the truth. When I push aside things like laundry, just because I don’t feel like folding one more thing and choose to work on my building projects, I am practicing laziness. I am not stewarding the jobs God gives me in my home with proper priority! I know I need to confess my sin (even if no one agreed with me that this is worth confessing, I know my heart) and rely on the spirit of the Lord to help me rely on his grace to be diligent in Christ’s strength.

“She carefully watches all that goes on in her household and does not have to bear the consequences of laziness.” --- Proverbs 31:27

“Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly as though you were working for your real master and not merely humans.” ---Colossians 3:23

I hope this encourages you to evaluate things in your own life properly, and with the Spirit’s guidance as well! Have a wonderful day fighting laziness.

(As for me, I have to get going before Andrew calls me out on laziness! Haha! See ya!)

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