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Thursday, May 10, 2012

So Long, Dear Altus

So long dear Altus. Fear not: we will be back again soon. Soon enough :)

I left on a 9:00 flight to meet up with my father-in-law, who I am with now, leaving my wonderful husband to fend for himself until Tuesday, hopefully. Considering weather is always unpredictable in Oklahoma, we are hoping against the odds that he finishes up completely and comes to join us in Memphis ASAP before we journey into Knoxville for the wedding events (ekk!! Someone hit the brakes: Life slow down-- slow DOWN!!)

Overall, Altus was a breath of fresh air in our hectic lives. It's a place you go to slow down and take a break, sip on some coffee with some dear ladies and talk about all Jesus continues to do in our day to say lives. It's just a different speed of life that you learn to love; almost craving more... Then you have to say goodbye.

Before we left for Altus, I asked the girls back in Alaska to pray that we have a focused sabbatical and a fixed gaze on what Jesus has for life. Although this sabbatical has been much different than the last visit here (hem hem: baby), it has not been any less rich with Godly insights, growth, perspective and transformation.

I stated before I was going on a quest for purpose. A 'more-than-ordinary'. As a result, I found God has lead me to understand that the whole purpose for us was rooted in far more than we are sell ourselves out for now... And the way you start living it is through eyes renewed in thanksgiving, washing them with the word.

The book I have been reading called 'One Thousand Gifts' is all about thankfulness, grace and joy. The farmer's wife, once angry then bitter, mother of six, pondering if purpose existed in the hilltops of Ireland, came to find her purpose solidified in finding her gifts in everyday occurrences. And you know? Its for real: the Fall of man happened through ingratitude... But the son of man came to model and live out a life of gratitude, showing us how far we have come from living the life we have been called to. So we are starting over: in Christ, we start anew and live the life of grace, joy... Thanksgiving.

My navigator spiritual grandmother i have in Altus is such a wonderful blessing in our lives. She always pours out so much insight and wisdom in our weekly conversation that I always walk away from them with a feeling of a renewed direction to push towards.

While i was in OK, I shared with her the desire the girls from Alaska and I have to push towards living a life with purpose... She helped me also see the big connection I am missing with gratitude when searching for purpose. She suggested a book I think we are going to go through next bible study season called "Becoming a Woman of Purpose" by Cynthia Heald. I can't wait to see how this study will help us understand God's purpose for each of these ladies wonderful lives.. And what impact it will have on mine as well.

'For a man's purpose is why we are here: the jobs we hold only provide the bread and butter for the table.'-- Jeanine

I could go on and on about all the treasures i have stored up in my heart in these last couple of months, but its better that i take some time and stretch out each in the entries that will follow this post.

To wrap it up, here are some pictures from our trip to Oklahoma and Texas in the duration of the month's stay: it was worth every moment taken here... I wouldn't have changed a thing. Miss you dear friends and family! But... We will surely see you again.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cutest Prego Ever!!

Jaclyn and I met through my husband. We were two peas in a pod and snowboarding/running crazies (still are I suppose)! Haha!

Now, we are both moms. I got to see Jac pregnant and let me just tell you: cutie!!!!

I love you, Jaclyn.

You are truly the cutest prego ever!

Thanks for inviting me to your shower.It was so fun to see you carrying your first born, Little Grant.

I can't wait to meet him soon!