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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Brief Snapshot of Life NOW as I Know it

In perfect timing of things, my good friend Lacy sent me a list of helpful books and readings she has either read or been introduced to. Picking one from the list, God met me right where I was. It's amazing what I have learned so far about Him, myself and living fully the life God has called me to. Very encouraging read: "A thousand Gifts". Highly recommended. I'll be sharing thoughts and revelations in a later post....

For NOW, how about some pictures? Being in Altus has Been ever sweet as I once again remember what the simple life looks like. Yes, I have a baby (so nothing is necessarily simple) but we are also living minimally and on necessities only. And I like it.

The pictures below are pictures of a peaceful, cool morning with our new obsession of a latte made by the magic bullet, family play time at the park (no, elyse is not too young to know what the park and "swing" means- she loves every minute of being outside!), hikes in a nearby state park with a very sleepy baby 45 mins away, little fingers grabbing her own mum mum treats off the table-- we need a high chair for some real fun!--morning runs, braums ice cream and tennis!

Oh, how I have missed the simple life of the West.

Blessings! Xoxo