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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Beginning of the Thornbury Travels for 2013

If you haven't noticed the large gap between this post and last posting, then I will fill you in a bit with what has been going on with us these last couple of weeks.....

And it will all be short and sweet for personal purposes ;)

First off, we have been in Hawaii since the beginning of February for five days.
It was a heavenly experience to leave the cold for a few blissful days!

Elyse even got to play OUTSIDE COMFORTABLY..with NO SHOES! How fun!
No shoes!
 I cannot stress that enough.

Look at this happy little lady ;)

She is spelling out something to be revealed the at the end.....

...stay tuned.

Here's the Dole Pineapple farm:

And we found Elyse as one of the main attractions by default....

(Hilarious! I am so glad Andrew got this on camera because I was dying laughing!)

Pineapple ice cream:

Us in our room at the Hale Koa:

The sunrises....

The sunsets....


Elyse loved the fact she could get as messy as she wanted eating ice cream on our porch! 
It was awesome!

The Northshore:

Waiamea Falls:

Bellows AFB (the most relaxing part of the trip):

(from the front porch:)

Our visit to the Sea Life aquarium:

It was so much fun... Elyse couldn't keep herself awake any longer to enjoy it as she fell asleep at the second dolphin show-- she had a blast!

Hanauma Bay:

This was after we went to sea life park: our last snorkeling event before we had to be at the airport at 8:00pm.

Goodbye gorgeous Hawaii.... We enjoyed every minute.

Now our family is at Altus AFB, resting up before more travels await us!
Andrew is training and we are recovering from a bad case of jet lag and teething.
...recovering quickly to then enter into the many journeys we have ahead!

Oh... and for that word Elyse was looking for....

Kind of anticlimactic, and we couldn't find a two, but we are indeed expecting baby number two coming in September! 
Two September babies now!
 We are very blessed, but expect a decline in how much you will see us on here in the coming days because of it. 
Between a fussy toddler and a queasy tummy, blogging is getting harder to do.... but for the sake of my family and friends who love to see Elyse grow up, we will be posting as much as possible! 
Thanks for your patience, love and support for our family. 
We love you all!

God bless :)