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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Playing games and Tossing SpRiNkLeS!


We are getting down with CRUD.

The Canadian pool game that is ;)

Just recently, our squadron was asked to compete with the other squadrons in a Crud tournament. And considering we all had no idea what Crud was three weeks ago, I would say we did pretty well.... our team didn't lose until the VERY FINAL GAME!

Yey us!

All of the teams we ALMOST beat :)

I am so proud of us girls ;)

Having fun!

Lady love <3

The following day after the Crud tournament (aka: today!!!), we got together to sprinkle our good friend Tara...

And her baby on the way, of course!

Tara (the gal to sprinkle!) and I

'A' is for Abigail Christine!

The cupcakes await their sprinkles....

Don't I look like Martha Stewart ;)

(If only I was as PREPARED as that woman! AHHH!)

Oh well, too late...

Ready or not, sprinkle on!

The guests:

The spread:


Ok, so some of the recipes were so good I will test/perfect them before I post their recipes here on the blog.
Soon soon!

But just as a teaser (because I'm so sweet), I will list some of the yummy items from above:

* Cake batter donuts
* Chocolate chip cookie dough dip with cinnamon toast sticks for dippers
* Vanilla Pear Breakfast Cobbler

On to the games:

Game One: "What's the Story?"

This was surprisingly fun! It brought out the creative writer in everyone. I laughed pretty hard at everyone's story, which consisted of things from baby items to very unrelated items. Let me just tell you that the game got funnier with the more random elements involved, like Darth Vader and chainsaws.

Game Two: "Who's that Baby?"

We actually had NOone guess all of babies correctly!
(So we played Baby Bingo for the tie breaker!)

And the way you play baby bingo is by opening shower gifts!!!

So here we GO!

Oh pause the gift opening... !!

..we have a baby bingo winner!!

Ok, resume:

Ok, taking a coffee break...


Ok, lets go again:

Ok, Game 3: SPRINKLE wars!!
(Yes, a spin off the popular Food Network show 'Cupcake Wars')

The objective: Decorate a cupcake in a creative way to win Judge Tara's affections.

You have FIVE minutes.


First up, Team 1: Mother's Love

Beth explains their cupcake...

...but Amy cant stop laughing!
( I love her! )

They are twin baby girls:

(I would have had them win because of how much they enjoyed this game! HAHA!)

Next up: The Kristins (and Kate!)

Team next: The Weeks!

Team Lyndsey and Caitlin:

Last, but not least, the winners of our SPRINKLE War:

Team Lindsey and Michelle

They made a MOOSE!

...well done!

Phew.... all of these fun and games have me worn out.
And its only been 48 hours!


Time to get some shut eye so we can tackle tomorrow.

Blessings! XOXOXO