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Monday, June 25, 2012

Home again home again...

Jiggity jog?


It's not going to be a light hearted experience being home this week.

The weddings are all over now (and were all enjoyable and lovely) and after some horrible two flights back, we are finally home... But the house happens to be in a construction zone state (drywall dust covering our every upstairs rooms as our tub ha to recently be replaced while i was away and doors were not closed to our rooms, furniture uncovered and exposed... Thus, leaving a lot more work on my plate) and the hubby heads out for more trips, so really, I am writing this to ask for prayer from you all-- please pray that in the process of regaining home balance and order again that I stay sane, in tune with Jesus.

Lord, help us all of I'm not in that state!

Thanks everyone.

Much love to you all.

(be on the look out for more blog posts to come!)