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Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 26-- Laundry


I am really enjoying this morning: Andrew is home reading at the table, the window is open (even if it is a bit chilly), I am sipping on a yummy espresso Andrew made me and have been reading the word/my devotional as I listen to the wind sweep through the trees. What a beautiful morning! Thank you Lord.

All is well… except for Eli (go figure). Eli has been acting funny all morning long. Andrew woke up to him twice right in his face as Eli rest his head on the edge of our bed with readied eyes for him to wake up. Ever since, he has not left our sides (even when we get up to use the restroom!). Maybe it’s the fact we have a really windy day and the trees or rustling or maybe he had a bad dream; maybe he knows Andrew is leaving soon or maybe he is all up-in-arms because our neighbors are moving today… or we are getting an earthquake…. WHO KNOWS! It’s kind of hilarious to watch (even though I feel bad for the little guy!). I guess he will settle down soon enough.


We are on Day 26, entitled “Laundry”

Hmm… Ironic, considering it was just yesterday I cried out triumphantly ‘I am finished with laundry for the week!’, only to look into the basket and see more piled up, ready for a washing. Sigh. Thus, the battle rages on….

Sarah too feels this way, but she gives us a different perspective on our approach to laundry: like being thankful we have clothes!

It’s true. We are blessed to have clothing and blessed to have more than one set to wear per day (since in Ethiopia, some people only HAVE one set of clothing. Really humbling. We should start seeing laundry as a gift rather than an enemy.

Secondly, if you are overwhelmed, try new methods. Here are some Sarah Mae suggested:

Trying getting boys black socks only and girls white socks. Makes the confusion much less.

If your family has a lot of clothing, try using a room to store all the clothing instead of having it all in separate places (especially good for younger children).

Make an attempt to do one load a day. It takes down on the daily load.

Have a rule that by 10:00am all the laundry has to be in the laundry room or the children have to do it themselves.

Give young children a basket of clean laundry instead of drawers. Kids want to try to dress themselves so encourage the independence without the drawers to deal with (they just end up all jumbled up anyways!). When they get to a certain age, then you can encourage the drawer system 

Try to be thankful for your laundry today instead of complaining. We all don’t like the task of doing it, but if we ask God to give us a new perspective and grateful hearts, the task won’t seem so daunting.

Well, I am off to get ready for this wonderful Friday! Andrew and I are going to try to do a hike of some sort this morning (or a walk) then I am helping carry out a secret birthday plan for my friend Lindsey that her husband devised! Very fun indeed. Since she might get cleaver and come to my blog for a revealing of the secrets, I will have to post more on this later ;)

Until tomorrow, be grateful and blessed.

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