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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aloha... We Are 6 Months Old Now!!

Eating our way to Hawaii!
One last treat at a time...

Yes, this in no way for a hawaii bound girl to prepare for swim suit season...

But its just too hard to stay away from the good stuff!!

Iy yi yia....

In other news, guess whose a little bit older now...?

That's right!!

A whole six months old..


Time flies!

She is eating like a champ and sitting up on her own...
What a big girl.

Oh, and waving... kind of ;)

She is in love with that singing cookie jar!

(I know this picture is blurry, but it acurately depicates what life is like with her right now: a lot of MOVING!)

Her relationship with Pockets the bear has changed a bit as well....

It has gone from love to the realization that she can now take him down!

Love.... wrestling!

Pretty little girl!

.. and pretty happy too :)

You know, after a lot of evaluating and some days of calm, I realizethat I also ride a roller coaster of busy-calm in my life. Mom always told me this seemed to be a pattern in a pilot's life, but I also think it stands very true in a pilot's wife's life... And really, anyone's life.

When Andrew is away, it seems the happenings in Alaska increase in number and spike right in the middle of his away time. Then, after a couple of days of nothing (my calm before the storm), he comes home and tornado season hits! This tornado runs through our clean home, ending at his exhausted body in our bedroom where a very weary traveler begs for a brief break from life from his family. Then, its back on base/town doing post mission errands and preparing him, for once again, another trip. Except now. From this point until May, Andrew is home with us!

Well... Sort of home. ;)

More details to come on all of our upcoming changes.... and all the surprises that come with it!

Until then, stay tuned for a TON more healthy (and a little bit unhealthier) snacks to be posted tomorrow before take off.


Blessings, xoxoxo