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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Three Amazing Hikes

Ok, so I am going to make this brief as it is late and I want to hop into bed!

In five days, our family has managed to do three amazing hikes. I forgot my camera for two of them, but I hope to get it charged up and ready to go by the next hike!

Hike 1: Flattop

InSANE dog gives me a heart attack as he "plays" on the mountain side!

The hike: A PURE killer!
Our view: priceless.

It was just my partners Eli and Elyse for this particular hike!

Hike 2: In Eklutna.
Can't remember the name.
It was gorgeous though!

Elyse, John, Eli and I

She looks happy huh... ;)

Hike 3: Baldy

Mountain dog!

...Mountain man ;)

Our house and all of Anchorage was in view from here!

The end.... for now!