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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From Anchorage to Nashville, to Knoxville, to Nashville, to Anchorage, all done in less than four days= Elyse’s first traveling experience.

Currently we are on the very loud (but very refreshing, since there are no layovers in this adventure) flight back from our very logistically mad trip to the lower 48, however, I probably won’t actually post this blog until Wednesday.

To answer your unspoken question, Yes. You are completely correct: We are unofficially THE most legit crazies ever as we decided this would be the perfect first trip for our seven week old baby! Actually, she did surprisingly well. God had incredible grace on us as we only had two mildly unpleasant nights of adjusting and one full night of eight hour rest. It was wonderful! We have really learned a lot about our traveling necessities and unnecessaries, so for next trip, we will be logistics-friendly.

For example, we learned that we do not need to bring the MASSIVE pack’n’play with us next time, the stroller would have been nice (if traveling alone), I need a different traveling bag besides the Petunia pickle bottom (something a bit larger, but not too big, and better for organizing), Andrew and I could have shared a bag for our stuff, Elyse’s stuff could have been put with our stuff as well, we needed to do laundry if we stayed any longer, more bibs are a good idea, bottles needed more preparation (and more guidance on how to bottle feed), and extra room to take things back!!

Even though it was a bit of a whirlwind, we really enjoyed getting to see our so great to see our close family and friends! We also took our first date night since she has been born. I know a lot of parents don’t get that much needed luxury until at least a year of their child’s life, but it was sure nice to be given the opportunity (and it was nice to know that the babysitters didn’t mind at all either, haha! In fact, we were almost shoved out the door as we took our time leaving! I love that her grandparents love her so much).

Here are a few of my favorites
(mom, I stole some of these from your facebook page!)

Matt wasnt a fan of the crying ;)

Family fun:

Elyse makes a grand entrance!


Baby charmer

I think Uncle TyTy just told me he's not giving her back:

G-pa loves his baby:

He's a big kid himself
(doesnt like to share his toys! Or other kids toys....)

Enjoying some french coffee ;)

Another requirement of going home: Starbucks!
And friends of course

Jessie, doesn't this make you want to have a baby??
Josh is so good with them!

Yes, Merry Christmas from Nashville and the Bass Pro itself!

Yes, more coffee!

And a lot more family!!

A trip with the Thornburys is never complete without Mimi's cookies!

Good ol' Nashville

We ran past the Grand Old Opry on our 70 degree GORGEOUS day!

...But all fun things must sadlycome to an end.

Traveling home in the C-17

I have continued to read my Shopping for Time book and have seen many more areas I need to clean up: like my discipline to sit at God’s feet daily and just listen to Him as I read his word. However, I have found actually desiring to get into the word to know Him has been extremely difficult. I feel as if I don’t know where to start or how to desire God alone, all the time, outside of his creation and his gifts. Nicole (the writer of Shopping for Time) suggested that we could pick up John Piper’s “When I don’t desire God” book. It has been very encouraging to know that so many, like myself, have been through this issue, including C.S. Lewis and King David himself. There are many references that are made throughout scripture that make this a very large priority, so I know I need to be praying for my heart to be opened to the Spirit’s work in my desires.

Besides patience and anger, self-control and discipline were some other areas I found I have not been neglecting as well. The self-control issue is very obvious by the way I cannot control my ability to reach for the third or fourth cookie and continue to eat a variety of snack mixes, even when I am far beyond satisfied. I have tried in many ways to convince myself that it looks much more dainty and proper of me to eat food in small portions, with slower, smaller bits. However, I just can’t get that down… I look anything but Audrey-Hepburn-dainty when I consume my sweets and my meals. It actually shows my careless attitude to restrain from temptations, period. Thus, I have taken a period to fast and pray for this area to be refined by taking a break from sugars and chocolate (my trigger areas, as my mother-in-law calls them!) until Thanksgiving. Therefore the ‘Fast before Feasting’ shall be put into motion as of today.

Speaking of discipline, I am in training for a possible marathon. This is for two reasons: 1) I have never run a marathon before and I really want to before our next child, and 2) if I am going to keep myself from having another little one, I need a legit excuse (because I am totally ready for number 2!!!). I am putting to practice some of world-famous marathoner’s, Kara Goucher, tips for training and getting speed. They had paid off as Andrew and I were able to run at a 7:15 pace for 3.5 miles! It was awesome to be out in the warm weather enjoying some running with my lovey again. O the things you take for granted before you have little ones….

As for Elyse, she is almost 2 months old and more alert than ever! We have not heard a giggle from her yet, but we look forward to hearing one soon. She has put on some more weight (don’t know about how much, but she has) and is a able to focus better on you. The coos and the baby talk just got more intense too, and I am almost positive that she said ‘I love you mama’ while we were traveling (though Andrew will deny this with everything he’s got, haha!).

Lastly, I will leave you with the current pictures we have of snow. We went from 70 degree (Alaska summer) weather to a foot of snow at our arrival!!! We had to dig our truck out of the snow and pray the whole way home for safety. Yes, our lives are definitely a lot more complicated now with the factors of sliding and snow blowing rolling in with each new layer of snow covering. Ohhhhhh Alaska!

Here is a fun picture our neighbor, who took Eli for the weekend, sent me:

He is having way too much fun with the coming snowfall!

Mommy's little helper already:

....Although a little daunting in the load size...

Andrew's snow shoveling job:

What a difference!

And lastly, some fun shots:

Well, that's about it. We are all tuckered out here so I guess it's adios for now!

Have a blessed one!