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Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Latest in Life

It's over. Until the 23rd, that is.

From the time May's wedding season began until now, we have been functioning like the energizer bunny....and God powering us through, I don't know how we kept going like we did. However, it is Saturday night and the battery is finally losing its spunk as I only stay up to share a fun little shot from Friday: girls night.
Yes, I have been waiting for this day to come for a long time... And after leaving, I just remember how blessed I am to have these ladies as my friends. They always teach me so much about life from their journeys, testimonies and examples. The thing I love about these girls is that no matter what happens in life, they remain the same effective women of God and wonderful, transparent individuals. The only changes have been children really! ( look at all of those kids!)

Yet, I feel as if I keep changing. I feel currently stuck between two worlds of parenting and my view of how life should be..and I am still unsure if it's just my response to the speed of our  life or if it's just what my parenting style looks like. I just walked away from these women thinking: "i feel like I don't treat or love Elyse like god would desire, like these ladies do. Or maybe it's just because I am more distracted/too busy with life to have really noticed until now. Or maybe I just retract in response to my daughter's clingy state." i don't want to bend so much to my child's demands  that i am bound to fulfilling them in an unhealthy manner (hastily and immediately, impatiently and ungodly), but i don't want to ignore her to the point of neglecting her requests in the only form of communication she has: whines. Whatever it is, I want to define it so I can respond appropriately to this weight now consuming my thought life...

Tomorrow is a day of fasting for Andrew and I. You can be praying we really cling to the Lord in this time of setting aside our comforts to hunger after what will ultimately quench our thirst in life: Christ.

I look forward to catching you all up on all I keep learning... Until then ;)