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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Updates for my traveling lover

Hi honey, we miss you so much but we know you will be back with us very soon. How dear you are to both of our hearts! We are practicing all sorts of feats so that when you are finally home with us, relaxing and recovering, we will be ready to show off. Here are a few of Elyse and I’s favorite shots throughout this last week (there were some good shots of the outdoors as well, but I couldn’t get my hands to function properly since it was 0 degrees and dropping… o well. Next time!):
Your dad took this one, but I thought it was sweet as I know how close you and your brother really are. What a treasure. I treasure your relationship with each other almost as much as you two do!

Your dainty daughter:

.. she now wears the daddy face:

Chewing on that hand!

Look how good we have been sleeping for mommy!
(I follow instructions well, dad)

Eli has been keeping a close eye on her progress:

He loves her so!

And look! Elyse can grab toys now... with both hands!!

Aren't you just proud, daddy? ;)

That is, indeed, a Thornbury grin!

We love you!
Looking forward to slobbering all over you.... well, your daughter does at least ;)