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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day weekend and Day 13-15: Tiredness, energy tips and cleaning

Our Mother's Day weekend hike!

 Ok, so the main reason for this hike was to help a friend (Brent, featured on the right in the picture) find his phone that went M.I.A. Friday, following his very long hike with his cousin. Being very sure it was still up there, on the peak of this very tall mountain, he made plans to climb it for the second time in a row... (we did not end up making the whole journey with him, but we did however rejoice with him as he called us from his cellphone once he got to the top! A happy ending to a long and tiring hike!)

 Yes, Eli is already exhausted in this picture.. in fact, he hasn't moved this morning (he is still in bed). That hike must have really worn him out!

                                         Isn't this beautiful?? I really love this scenic picture :)

And man alive….I have never had so many sleeping issues in my life since being Prego!

Ok, so thats only partially true--- but it has been a lot more difficult since carrying this little one. I wish I could be like my other prego friends and just be completely exhausted where all I can do is sleep. However, God made me the more high strung variety that must learn to function on little to NO sleep. Haha… Thus, I shall rely on my Savior more.

It’s funny the devotional for Day 13 was about ‘Fighting Fatigue’. She gives us energizing tips like: move (sine inactivity makes you more tired), only get the sleep you need (anymore might make you sluggish), do not become overwhelmed (stress makes you tired—refer to Day 10 to minimize it), increase your magnesium (yes, its true; it works), have a healthy whole grained snack, and CAFFEINE (if you can). Or if you are like me, get some exercise and LET YOUR 'TO DO' LIST REST UNTIL TOMORROW! AH!

Day 14, Sarah speaks of more energizing tips. She encourages us to find something that “gets you all jazzed up.” You will find yourself more effective than you had been without it. This used to be running for me, but I will have to find something else to incorporate into my week…

Now Day 15 is where I can relate today: ‘I’d rather do anything but clean’. Yes, I feel you Sarah Mae—usually, I do enjoy cleaning just because I function better in a clean house, but with so many projects and rearranging happening lately, its hard to feel motivated. Sarah suggests we read over our mission statement we made on Day 1, put our sneakers on (which makes us feel as if we should move!), do the hardest things first, play some music and remind yourself why you do it (like to serve my poor tired husband, exhausted by his paper pushing job...and definitely for an eternal cause). This sure is motivating for me: I am now ready to get my laundry on, despite my little sleep intake!

Besides reading through the 31 days to clean devotional, I have also been reading through the book of Isaiah. The Lord really wrapped my heart up in the comfort of his love for me today and I want to share some of his word with you:

"But now hear, O Jacob my servant,

Israel whom I have chosen!"--Isaiah 44:1

We have been chosen! I love all the verses that also speak of his forming us from the womb! Just makes me think how God is taking care of my little one right now—44:2, 44:24.

Idolatry is also is a large theme through this book and chapter 44. And even though we wouldn’t think it we have idols like they did back in the biblical days, we definitely go about the same kind of worship—just in a less evident observable way.

For myself, I know it’s my never ending to-do list, my house and projects. Even though a lot of them are necessary, they can become an idol that my heart rests upon for satisfaction and worth. I can bow down to them to measure my days’ worth and continue to be slaved by their demands. There is nothing that these idols are going to do for me… except continue to demand that empty satisfaction I will never get from them. They will leave me weary and tired. Kind of like today…

But we have a Savior that draws us to Himself, to refresh and guide us; to redeem and equip us for life’s hardships (44:22, 45:5-7). We will not seek him in vain (45:9), but he will accomplish his purpose with us and his counsel he gives us will stand for his glory—for our good (46:11). How refreshing…. What a wonderful God we serve.

Yet we look at His ways as burdensome (44:23). Why do we think a God with a love like that for us is a burden??

Because of our idols…

Time to fight back—for our soul’s sake.

I plan on fighting for the order of my priorities; fighting tiredness, but embracing rest; and learning to weed out idols before I let them consume the things that matter most in life. I will let you know the result tomorrow.

Until then, I pray you find you are reaping your strength from him and learning to let him rule your heart, because he only wants your ultimate good:)

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