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Friday, May 13, 2011

I haven't forgotten!!

I promise I have not forgotten you guys!! I have been trying to apply Sarah Mae’s study and FINISH what I can—and the blogging has just not taken priority lately…
However, just so you don’t think I have been slacking off, I am posting pictures of some of the things I have gotten done so far--- and am still working on (and then on the next blog, we will catch up with the devotional!):

Here is the customized bench I made for upcoming baby days. I am using it now and am LOVING it! It also prevents clutter from entering the kitchen scene.
The kitchen got a bit of a makeover as well. First, I build a matching bench to accommodate more people at our table—which has worked fantastic! Then, since Andrew always seems to hit his head on our dining light, I raised it a bit and hung lanterns from it to complete the farmhouse look I am shooting for. Looks MUCH more home-like now!
The next goal was to do something with our sitting space. We added the big brown chair from downstairs to make company feel closer and an area rug (man, do these things make a difference!). I also added a coffee table top to the coffee table we already had, but never really used. The plant pot on top was a clay pot that I painted to match the area! We covered the plaid couch that we received from his Mimi  and added a dining room organizer/buffet table. I wanted to make the rustic workbench from the Pottery Barn magazines, but I decided it would be too costly and we still had pieces of furniture around the house that had no function… thus, I gave them a job! The top of the buffet table is the pottery barn piece I love so much (I just need to find it a handle) and the bottom is our old blue desk from childhood. Nobody could really use it for a desk though because it was too small, but it functions great this way!
I finally figured out what to do with this shadow box! Haha!
And here is the intended media center. Our TV does not fit it, so we decided just to use it as a display cabinet until that day our TV does give out and we get a flat screen—works great for now though! Only question is…. What do I do with the TV area now? Any suggestions?
Here is that beautiful coffee table I covered!
Here is a close up of the buffet table:
And here is where I got the idea for the top (and duh, the pottery barn one looks better, but I personally feel mine hides more clutter than this does ;) )
These need color: Any suggestions??

And here is our personal favorite: the coffee center! I am LOVING this! ESPECIALLY the cow creamer!! SO CUTE! (you can get him at Pier 1)
So that is all I got right now! Like I said, I will catch up on the devotional soon, but for now, I have got to scoot! Andrew and I have a deployment luncheon and I do not want to be late!!

Until next time, rest in the peace of God :)


  1. I love all that you are doing to the house! Keep it up, awesome homemaker!! Love and miss you!

  2. Love all the updates to the house! :) May just have to take a trip down again soon!