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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Let it... snow?

 A slight confession:

I mayyyyyy have played some classical Christmas tune two nights ago.... and you'll see why soon.

Would you like to see what our typical September looks like?

Gorgeous huh?

Well, then it starts to rain.... and soon after, snows.

(Oh,sidenote: here is a picture of my little mommy daughter-- she LOVES babies, so my Tuesday morning childcare job has been a treat for her!)

With all the snow moving in on the mountain tops and the air transitioning or mom cold to colder, i have definitely been drifting towards the delightful [yet horrifying to some] thought that the holidays are right around the corner!

Andrew came home yesterday from a wedding in Nashville and, for him, it was quite a sight to see how much snow we had gotten in the last couple of days....

Here is us on the hike up to Artic Valley before he left:

(remember this picture. I'll be showing you later what it looks like currently!)


(The picture I am holding up my finger to symbolize '1' is a remake picture from when my parents, Andrew, baby and I did this trail last year at this same time time, when Elyse was just 8 days old! She now rides out back instead of all nestled in upfront! )

Big crazy adventurous girl she is!

(Yet another random Elyse picture: her new favorite thing is to ditch the highchair for an actual chair... silly girl! Trying to grow up on me too fast!)

Our first "snow fall" was Friday night while I joined some girls at a restaurant downtown and watched our rainy day turn into a very chilly, slushy snow! It left a nice dusting on all the vehicles and rooftops the next morning as it continued to stick. Yet, by 8:30, all snowing had ceased and melted away. Good thing for Elyse and I as we ran a 10k in the already freezing cold mornings! We finished strong though , stroller and all, with a 7:50 minute mile and celebrated with lunch with friends and a good free Kaladi brothers drink (which is the equivalent to Starbucks up here)-- a yummy large mocha!!

Snow has gotten me all worked up about getting the leaves out of my yard as well!! Ekk! Thus, elyse and I are now battling the falling of the leaves... And fighting to become the lord of the flies as well (what is up with all the flies??? All of us up here have been plagued with them...)

(this was my drive on the day of the race)

(The racing crew!!!)

Andrew's surprise to us was bringing back a fun little surprise from the wedding: flying lanterns! We made a fire and did s'mores right along side lighting them up and sending them off...totally love my husband!)

Remember how I said not to forget that picture of Artic Valley?
Well, here is what is looks like as of Sunday evening

My neighbor and I went with all of our kiddos and the two dogs. Never a dull day with those guys!
I love our neighbors and friends here.
They never miss a beat when it comes to battling the seasons for some good times!

And there you have it. My little Lysey is very sick right now, so please lift her up in prayer. Might be food poisoning or a virus, but projectile vomit is just not my thing.... ugh. Pray for both of us actually. I am going to get a shower and try to get some sleep!

Until next time, be blessed and filled with the joy of your many changing seasons--- they won't come the same way every time.