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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Tribute to Love (Honoring the New McCoys)


When I was getting married, three and a half years ago, this word really had me torn as I took steps towards marriage. I was really scared that if I didn't understand what love was, I would never be able to be the kind of spouse I needed to be towards my Andrew.
What does the word "love" even mean?
Should it mean something more than what I understood?

It does. Yet God gives us the gift of marriage to unveil love in depths and heights and lengths we could not appreciate outside of our marriage. In my quest before we married, I found the love talked about in the bible is demonstrated largely through our marriages.
And it's not anything we suppose it is.

It's not a feeling. It's not a state of being, or a state of mind. It's not what we see in the movies or in the songs (well, some songs). It's not what we think it is.

It's what the world snickers at and people shun in our culture as "actually working" : it's a state of heart. It's the love God loved us with.
It's patient endurance when things look hopeless,
it's forbearing situations you think you can't deal with for one more day,

it's team work when your significant other's way is totally different than yours
(and whose way is driving you crazy),
it's trusting and supporting one another as you move around the country
(even into the wilds of the unknown),
 it's what binds you together when your lover must use a wheel chair and artificial arms for the rest of his life when he returns from a war...

it's the forgiveness that follows a fight you never thought would end well...

it's believing there is more to our life here than what our world offers us as an alternative.

The person you are sitting next to, Matt, Kassi, they are there to serve as a permanent picture of love, the kind you are given through Christ.
After going through the bible and reading all the references of love mentioned from cover to cover, you could almost be overwhelmed in an effort to understand what love really is. I am first However, you can be encouraged you don't have to do it alone-- or understand how to love overnight: you understand it's beautiful definition with time. You will understand love, marriage, with patience, with every last effort of kindness, with humility and letting the other "win", with selfishness aside, with joy, with truth, endurance, belief and hope.
  Matt, you are about to take the best step in your life as a husband. You have taken many roles already in life, but now, there is another added to the list. There is a high calling that goes along with this role too: tend to your wife, LOVE Her, learn to love her, father your children, care for your flock, be the picture of Christ to Kassi, to your friends, family, coworkers, and the world. You are a great and generous, loving man, multitalented and equipped for any task that you are called to fulfill. Whether you believe that or not. I have witnessed the many times of love, care, demonstration of friendship and loyalty you shared with me,I being a mere sister God placed you to grow in childhood with. God has many great plans for you as you go through this one of many forms of sanctification. Don't take this responsibility lightly and play this game alone. You are now apart of a bigger team. Play the game right, enjoy the company you are playing with, trust your Manager knows what he is talking about and the next play contains the winning hit. Always. When you play it right, you'll actually enjoy playing it more than you ever expected.

Kassi, you are about to become a wife.
You couldn't be more excited I know! And we are all so anxious to see what you look like in that white dress (and I'm sure Matthew is too!). You too are about to take on a role in addition to being a wife, daughter and sister to so many admiring and loving sisters. You are taking on the role of the church, a beautiful picture of what we look like in our relationship with Christ. You too should not try to throw the ball without trusting your Matthew to help guide you as you find the right grip on the laces, looking to him and whether to throw to first or third (anyone who is lost, I apologize, it's in the brother's language-- he gave me no choice but to know these things as he has been playing since he left the womb). Keep trusting Matthew too is listening to the Manager and your next move is going to have him grinning ear to ear no matter what you do, because he knows it glorifies the Lord. Pleasing the Father comes first, respecting your number one teammate next will, in turn,  your example will encourage your fans (us and everyone who will witness your union) all the way from the bench.
That's love real love.
I learned that's how you do, laugh, live true love. You don't understand what it is overnight. It's not easy to actually abide by, and sometimes, it's downright difficult. But it's a journey you are both equip to travel when you follow the One who invented the bond.
In short, you will absolutely love learning how to love.  


All of our prayers-- I love you both.
Kassi, welcome to the family.

(Yes. This was my speech I wrote and never gave. I hope it blesses you even so now than it would have when I was suppose to give it!)

In honor of the new Matt and Kassi McCoy.

(oh, and a little celebration photo to remind you to enjoy your new life together: together, it's always a party!)

Rehearsal Dinner

Being almost self explanatory, I will let the pictures talk for me.
These are pictures from the rehearsal dinner my parents hosted at Stats in Atlanta.

It was perfect:

With my brother nothing but baseball, we had to use a sports bar and a baseball theme.
As this is now Kassi's future as well, it suits them both.


The end.

(, on to the wedding!)