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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mrs. Mary's Bridal Lucheon for Kassi

Well, we have made it to Atlanta already!
It seems like it went by too quickly to really enjoy all the fun.
However, I am really thankful for this sweet woman's kindness to invite us all to a celebration in Atlanta for the bride!
It was not only DELICIOUS, but a refreshing break and an excuse to sit still rather than run around like crazy preparing the rehearsal dinner room (which, we did fully do once the lunch was over, but it was nice while it lasted!)

(Pictures of the rehearsal dinner next!)

After driving around a charming neighborhood, I was starting to get the feeling this was going to be a very charming place for a luncheon to be hosted.

My suspicions were correct.
It was absolutely Lovely!

It's called Murphy's.

...And it was delicious!
(Thats little Karli's soup, salad and sandwich combo. I went totally southern and ordered a fried green tomato sandwich. OMG, it was divine! I wish Andrew could have tried some... I'm sure he would have loved it)
...Snapping pictures is what we do best!

Sweet Grandmothers.

Dessert was breathtaking! I shared with my mom and ended up just getting a cappuccino.
After seeing these desserts come out though, I wished I got one of my own!!!
(my mom choose well-- her's is the one to the right: YUM!)

This is Mrs. Mary presenting the Bridal Shower gift that everyone gave Kassi:

...But of course, Kassi followed up that act with her own gift giving ceremony!
Too sweet.
Each gift got a gift of some kind and a special note from the bride.
She is such a treasure.

Kassi, I am glad you are in my family girl.

Overall, this luncheon was amazing!
Thank you Mrs. Mary for making it possible.

And thank you Murphy's for a most enjoyable time.

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  1. WONDERFUL!! Your awesome photos tell a beautiful story :) Thanks for this photo diary that I'm sure everyone will enjoy!

    Love you!