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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baby Watch: 2 months

Well, baby Lysey has been growing and making developmental advances that keeps me on my toes with anticipation!

Here is a sweet picture of her learning how to suck on her fist!


And we have more interest in toys currently because...

We are two months old now!!!

This is a dad face ;)

Love the face!

Just like her mama:
She's ready for some aerobics ;)

A funny picture:

... more kickin!
She loves to move it, move it!

Currently, our little gal got sick from all our traveling, but everyday she continues to get up to speed in recovering.
I love how fast babies heal!

More updates surely to come!

Travels: A Trip to San Francisco!

Yes, another trip, another conviction, another joy or two!

To change things up slightly, this blog posting will be set up slightly different from the rest. I plan to post a couple of entries instead of one long posting (to spare you all from reading a HUGE chunk of drawn out sentences ;) ). Some of these should show up on the tabs above as well (here's to hoping!).

As of Friday, I was on another C-17 flight. Except this time I was sitting in the cockpit watching my husband fly, headed to Cali! Wahoo

More I have learned in the flying world: bring less clothes, just wash more of them; leave room in your bag for souvenirs (just wear layers); you dont have to have a carseat base to strap the carseat into the car (!!!!);stroller is very necessary; request a room away from other people's rooms for crying baby; there is a definite need for a better schedule for Elyse; be prepared to travel longer than expecting...

Yes, we flew to Cali on Friday and now, Monday, I am finally getting a flight back. Crazy space a flying.... We went with Andrew last minute for his overnight trip to Cali. He had 30 hrs of crew rest (which basically means down time to explore and chill out with Lysey and I) so we were invited to come along.. And explored San Francisco! I have been waiting so long for an opportunity to do this. It was awesome. We had a really good time following my travel agent mom's itinerary for what to do with little time in SF (thanks again mom!!). Without further ado, here are some snapshots of the whirlwind of the trip:

Random, but we saw a very weird little creature on our walk to the bridge
(I think it's a hampster??)

This is for you mom ;)

This shot reminds me of Miami actually:


Elyse and I in front of Alcatraz:

Andrew and the other pilot's who flew us:

Take off!

Planes in Alaska:

Elyse taking it easy in her lounge ;)


The sunset from the plane:

Check out the ice covering that plane! 

The famous golden gate bridge:

A beautiful clock tower:

Coit tower upclose!

..and at a distance.

Us walking to the bridge

Andrew driving on Lombard and Hyde (the famour curvy road in San Francisco):

Enjoying the weather:

A starbucks of course:

Andrew on the bridge:

The end of our curvy ride!

A restaurant mom and dad ate at:

On the hill at Coit tower:

Boudin sourdough bread!

Check out the fun animals they make with this bread!

Driving back to Travis AFB on the bridge

At the oiginal Ghiradelli's!

Very yummy... had to take a break from the chocolate fast for this treat:

Fisherman's Wharf:

After all of this fun, we got stuck in the PAX terminal until Monday morning when we should have flown out on Sunday morning (ugh!). However, I made a new friend and saw some familiar faces on my trip back which made it pleasant :)

My new friend Emily and her baby Natalie:

My friends here at Elmendorf AFB, Erin and her little girl Taylor:

I kept telling Andrew that I would never do Space A again.

But I think I probably will once I figure this whole system out and get my little Lysey well again ;)