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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The First Snow and the Little Red Wagon

Things in the far North never getting boring: especially for new little explorers!
Elyse has lately formed a fondness for her little red wagon (thanks Grumps and Grandma Didi!)

Elyse got bored inside (obviously) sooo... we took the fun OUTSIDE!

All fun and games... until miss grumpy starts to dwindle in energy...
But at least we had this fun before the snow moved in!!
Yes everyone.
We have gotten our first snow last Saturday--
 but it has only left dustings since.

It was good that we had some without the snow coming down to enjoy the snow, considering Elyse is still not really sure of this white fluffy stuff yet!
But she loves watching the puppy enjoying it!
..and Eli LOVES his snow!

Tasting her first snow! 

Looks like she prefers January snow better  ;)
After that, we needed a good warm treat to relieve the chill!
And Elyse made us some orange rice krispie treats!
(and in honor of the snow, we did Christmas trees as well)

Yet it takes a smart girl to know the best part is in the taste test!

And yes, judge me if you will, but I live in Alaska. This is what it looks like, but HEY this ain't the lower 48: We DO leave our Christmas lights up all year long, but I don't start turning them on until October (lifts my spirits that our house is not so gloomy and dark as we are losing a lot of daylight daily!!).

Too much fun ;)
I have so much more to write about, as this has been a loaded week and I have done a lot of heart to heart with the Lord lately, but its also been a tiring week as Andrew and I have been up EARLY for the last three days and we are both zonked.
Thus, I will leave you with a hanger for what Elyse might possibly be making and do the reveal next week!
 Hope you have had a wonderful week (and tuned into the presidential debates!: It's been very good to hear what each side have to say about our countries condition and their proposed resolutions.... and securing my vote ;) )

Until next week, be blessed! XOXO

1 Cor. 7:17