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Thursday, April 23, 2009

'I saw my life flash before my eyes!.....' And it was anything BUT boring.

More than a month goes by and I am way behind on this blog. In the time I wrote the last blog post, I have been to Knoxville to Orlando, FL to Denver/Pueblo, CO to Memphis,TN to Miami, FL then out to the deep blue sea on a long-awaited honeymoon cruise on the Caribbean with my wonderful husband (we had a fantastic time!) then back to our home in Columbus Mississippi…. A place we call home, but it seems just visit on the weekends before the next adventure calls…. Haha! It’s been crazy trying to adjust into the swing of things here (speaking of which, I just missed the trash man…. Again….AGH!!! O well, someday I will get down the Wednesday trash schedule down). And with Andrew beginning pilot training soon (May 15th), we have got to get kicking!

Yesterday, we went shopping for some puppy supplies--- and yes! I said puppy!! After many weeks of praying about this decision, the Lord has moved in my husband’s heart and given him the sufficiency of peace for actually getting a puppy (AHHHH!!!! See, our family is already expanding!). Sadly, the breeder we have been looking at for some time just sold all of her puppies. We were sad at first, but after running to the Lord with my sadness, I realized that was God’s way of saying “those are not the puppies I have picked out for you”. It was a serene thought that smoothed over my sadness with hope that the Lord was still at work and He had better in mind. Now, I have my complete trust in Him (not the circumstances) for our new addition our family! Whoever he/she is, we will wait on the Lord for their arrival. It’s such a peaceful alternative to trying to plan your life out in your own wisdom (which you no longer determine for yourself anyways—thank the Lord!!)

Outside the great anticipation we have for our puppy, we have seen the Lord doing such glorious work in both Andrew and I’s life through both joys and sorrows. We have realized daily more of who the Lord is, how much more we see the Lord when we come to him in humility and full awareness of who we are serving and how He is using all that occurs in our lives for a reason. Last night, Andrew mentioned how blessed we were because of all the people we have been able to come in contact with in the last couple of months—even the past week there have been many!! Wow… that was something to awe in! Here I was, really feeling like I had lost a lot by moving so much, but actually God has done with me just what He had always had planned for me: to come in contact with many different people, different ethnicities, different nationalities all for the purpose of encouraging their lives with the good news of Christ all in different ways! And there have been so many ways the Lord has worked for His glory in all of those different situations. Andrew and I have always wondered why God has given us a desire to have lots of people in our lives, surrounding our hearts and consuming our mind with thoughts of loved ones and new acquaintances. The Lord filled our hearts with that desire so we might use that inclination to tell many about Him and bring much glory He deserves through that fruit He set upon our hearts. Honestly, we were greatly struggling with the thought of pilot training and being separated for a good amount of time…. But if it means backing out on what God has called us to do for Him through the outlet of pilot training, we both knew we couldn’t accept anything less. It has been ultra comforting to realize that the Lord is the engineer of it all… our whole life has been determined by the Lord, now we just need His help to accomplish it all in the manner in which He called us (Eph 4:1 and 1 Cor. 3:1-23). So pilot training, here we come!!!

The one thing I would like to leave you with (on the shortest blog I have ever
written!!) is to remember that you are a child of the Lord. That means we have a lot to learn from our Father, but we have to come in a humble way in order to learn all of the glories of Himself, learn more about life and to take joy, having peace, no matter what comes your way. And remember, with a heart that is ready to act as Christ acted on earth, God is willing and able to use you in all sorts of outlets in your life. Continue to ask your father for a new, enlarged hear daily (Psalm 51) and He will give you the riches of life: the joy and satisfaction of knowing Himself, our Lord and Savior.

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