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Monday, June 15, 2009

Finally, the new house pictures

This was the first view we had of the house together... and this will be the only you view you get until you come see us yourself! Haha!

Thus, as you can tell, I DO have the photos of the house ready to be posted-- sorry about the videos, but it seems like they don't function well on this site. O well-- anywho, here we GO!
First, we will start in Andrew's office ...then we move out the door to the left to the guest bathroom
It's very nice and hospitible for visitors! (HINT HINT)
You will then go straight down the hall, passed the stairs on your left and enter the bedroom, seeing Eli's crate first
and then turning right to see our bed At the foot of the bed, there is door that leads to our bathroom which has two sinks and a separate room for the tub/shower/toliet . We also have a large walk in closet which in a huge blessing for both of us! We have never had one of these luxuries before! Haha.

Once you leave the bedroom, you will go down the other side of the hall turning right, and entering the guest room Only one person has stayed in it yet, but we feel so blessed that it has been used!

Now, we will travel downstairs...

When you get down stairs, you will find a large den area It's a great place for a lot of people! Then there is a slight separater wall between the den and the dining room.

Next to the dining room, you will find the kitchen
and from the kitchen you will see the laundry/mud room on the left,
then the downstairs half bath, and finally the garage-- where we can FIT BOTH OF OUR CARS IN THE GARAGE!!! And when you do alot of pranking, its a Big deal-- trust me! (But I didn't post any pictures of those... please forgive me)

Sooo, Yup-- and that's our house! I hope you have enjoyed it!! Thanks for your patience and God bless your day!

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