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Friday, December 10, 2010

Farewell Altus

Ok, before I begin, can I just post this small tribute to Altus's Christmas light park.... Two words: Creepy, but hilarious (ok... That's three.)

This one's just funny. Check out this angel's shoulders and body, then look at the face. Talk about proportionately dysfunctional!!

Ever wonder what Snow White would look like if she got Botox? Wonder no more:

And last but not least: the snowman who asked us for a light:

Isn't that so creepy? whoever drew that I'm sure had the best intentions to make him cute... They just missed the mark a bit :/

Hahaha! Oh my, I just love it.

Anyways, back to where I left off. I did finish my packing, loading the truck and proceeded to tackle the cleaning. And MAN, did I clean... Longer than I thought I would in fact.

So many hours later....

Ta-da!!!! Check out the cleanliness of that oven!! Mmm hmmm, it's the power of S.O.S.! Love it!

So yes, after much time of cleaning and packing, Andrew and I are officially waving a see-ya to Altus OK.

I am not going to lie: I really liked it here. But it was definitely not the location that thrilled me. It was God's gift to us in this season of friends and spiritual family:

The girls: Jacqui, Mallory, Lindsay and Jeanine ( my spiritual grandma!)

The dudes: Justin, Mike, Carl (our Navigator leader), Andrew and Cory.

So here's many thanks to God's loving gift that have touched both of our hearts! Thanks guys for being so quick to love on us and care for us as if we would be here for years. You ALL are precious gifts from above and we thank him for you every time we think of you :) God bless you all richly as I know He will!!

And lastly, here's to make Jacqui that much less self conscious!! Ha-- sorry hun; it was for the encouragement of others (and many giggles for your wife!!)


'With songs of joy I speak of Thee, for I know not how to cease',

Kati Thornbury

-- Jeremiah 20:9--

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