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Friday, June 3, 2011

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Does it get any better than this?

I'm sure it does, haha, but right now this just seems heavenly! I enjoyed an amazing cream cheese bagel, sipping on my chai and watching planes take off in this awesome viewing area in the Seattle airport. I think little baby girl is liking it too (she is kicking up a storm!!).

My stress is also starting to melt away, praise the lord, and I am feeling calmer from yesterday... Or a couple of hours ago really. I had a difficult time just relaxing yesterday since I was leaving for so long and much i would need to do was out of my immediate control. Very nerve racking for this Type A! I thought I was going to put my self into preterm labor with all my worries! Praise the Lord for other plans as I figured out the Eli situation: we decided to leve him behind; the trip seemed too stressful for the little guy to endure (we had wonderful friends op to take him for the night I left too- you all are so sweet! Thank you Matt and Lindsey!) I also had to think through all the ins and outs of our house for Steven, our new house tender/dog sitter for the month. This left me as a total mess... And to further enforce that fact, poor steven got a 10 page packet of EVERYTHING he might think of while staying at our house and tending to our pup. Poor guy! Haha... Yes, I can finally fill in the blank "I knew I was a mommy when..."!

Reflecting back on the trust and peace I would get in my anxious mode when I prayed, I have gauged from yesterday just how overgrown my garden has become in my trust in God. My heart has not been thriving on him, but instead, entangled in a mess of business and control. It grieved me at first to know how far I had gotten, but now i am instead grateful for the gift I have to get before him and making that a priority. I look forward to this month as there are many things I hope to restore, through spiritual diligence and endurance in Christ, to it's original beauty.

And that will come within this month as I go back to Knoxville, visiting much family and many friends along the way. I am very excited and ready for my visit to start!! Tennessee here I come!

(this is my viewing spot in the seattle airport)

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