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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Elyse Growing And Showering Lacy!

Yes, our little one is getting bigger... hard to believe she is almost a month old!!
Where has time gone???

Yes, this is her infamous zoolander look ;)
Sorry its blurry. She likes to head bob while she gives us this face... haha!

Now more alert than ever, she is gaining weight (don't know how much, but she's definitely heavier!) and smiling more. We are enjoying her more and more each day!

Oh, here is a fun moment this week:
We took a break from running some around-the-town errands and went walking in the park downtown. I remembered that Star the reindeer was near the area so we went to check him out.
Dayna didn't believe there was a reindeer, since I never see him when I drive by...

But lo and behold, he was out that day!!

The infamous Star!

Our visit didn't last long though, since Star immediately decided he did not like us and went to his little barn.... darn.
At least I got to prove he was real!

Here is another picture of our 'Lysey!

You guys are going to get slammed with Lysey pictures today....

As I said earlier, she has been so much more alert than she had been just a week ago.

Which makes naptime a challenge now.

But MAN, when it happens, it is sweet bliss!!

I heart naptime.

She must had been dreaming about 'Where the wild things are' because she sure looks like one!

On Friday night, we treated ourselves to a sushi dinner at Samari sushi.

...we also had a little too much fun with Pockets the bear.
LOADS of pictures from this photo shoot!

Speaking of photo shoots, Caroline Thomas (our amazing photographer) posted some more pictures from our newborn session:

Haha, ohhh, how I love this bear cap as... so stinking cute!
And Ty ty, here is the blanket you got her. WE LOVE IT!
(Matt and Kassi, I will post the picture of her in her towel next bath time!!)

'Lysey says 'its PARTY TIME'!

Princess lips ;)

So yea! We threw a Baby shower for Lacy Hassler on Saturday morning-- it was so much fun.

..lots of food and good sweets....


..and crafting!

Grandma Didi was a great help as well!
She helped my spastic self clean the house and cook for the shower, and most importantly,
held my little sweetie.
Lysey slept on her most of the shower...

..but she looked so cute doing it!

Little girl smiles!!


Here are the babies present at the baby shower
(not complete without them!)

Whoever has not played the candy bar game for a shower is missing out...

SO MUCH FUN! (and yummy!)

The sign in and thank you table :

Eli was such a good dog through the shower... as usual :)

Coffee coffee and apple cider, YUM!

The clothespin game:

Gift opening time!

The kids were a big help too:

Lacys baby... well, wannabe ;)

It was a great shower, like I said before and it was great seeing everyone who showed up to bless our lovelt Lacy!

Later we watched the UT game-- we lost, but Lysey was still sporting the colors!!

Go big orange!

Well, those are all the updates I have for you right now. Stay tuned for more soon!! 


  1. Thanks for sharing Kate!! Looks like your shower was a big success!!! All the pics of Lyse are just PRECIOUS!! She has changed so much in such a short time :/ So sweet and looks like she is still pretty laid back :)

    Tell Grandma Didi she's doing a great job as second in command! All those photos of baby and Didi are just so sweet...I know it's going to be hard for Dayna to leave...just like it was for your papa and me :(

    We love you all! Keep those photos coming! We never tire of our beautiful grand baby!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOX

  2. Sydney loved looking at all the pictures of Elyse! Looks like you had a great time at Lacey's shower. I miss you all and am a little jealous of samari sushi, eat it while you can. Once you leave AK, there's really no place like it.