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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Breakfast Crepes, Valentine's Day, Projects and Fun with Daddy!

Daddy is home!!!
Yes, Andrew finally returned from a nine day trip to the Philippines and we celebrated by going to IHOP
(thanks to Grammy and our gift certificate!)

..And I couldn't resist getting this sucker ;)

We also celebrated Valentine's Day all over again as a family!

Yes, I do like him a-latte!

(Oh man, so cheesy... but I couldn't resist)

And what would Valentines Day week be without chocolate??

If you haven't had a good hot cocoa lately, I would HIGHLY recommend these!

Drinking Chocolate Trio [dag-giftdctriov2.jpg]

Other fun Valentine's Sweets:

Chocolate Banana Bread
Costco Special Granola Hearts
(I also made some very yummy snickerdoodle cookies, which I failed to get a picture of, but they are WORTH making! Here is the link to the best Skinny Snickerdoodle cookies EVER! Best part: They are healthy ;) How's that for a cookie recipe??)


As far as PROJECT updates go, we are still transforming this house into a liveable space as baby boo gets older and dynamics need to change to accommodate guests and lifestyle..... and we decided we needed uniformity and moveable workout/tummy time space!

So we went from this.... this....

To this!!

Something is always new when Anndrew gets home.
Speaking of which, I am continuing to search for power fuel meals as I train for my marathons this summer.

And these pancakes were definitely note worthy!
Tasted more like crepes than pancakes though.

Blueberry Protein Pancakes:

* 6 egg whites
* 1/2 cup oatmeal
* Vanilla extract
* Pinch of cinnamon
* Pinch of stevia
* Blueberries (fresh are best, but frozen work fine!)
* Cooking spray

1.Heat frying pan on high than, once hot, reduce to medium.
2. Mix all ingredients in a blender
3. Drop pancake mix in by the spoonful.
4. When they start to bubble on top, place 1 tablespoon of blueberries on top.
Let them set before flippping.
5. Cover in maple syrup.

Makes about 4-6 pancakes, depending on the size.
Calories: 228 for 4-6 pancakes (more with the syrup)
Protein: 28g
Carbs: 29g
Fat: 0g

Speaking of food, look who has taken to the spoon!

Chomp chomp chomp!

Here was Elyse and I's Valentine's Day.
We spent it enjoying a mocha!

"If daddy could see me now...."

More sweet treats were enjoyed WITH daddy!
...Likkkkke MENCHIES!!!

Yes, true statement:

It makes Elyse smile and daddy freak out: this is when Elyse tried to grab the cup away from daddy to try some herself!!

Really smiling now:

I will leave you with our last adventure: Eagle River Nature Center.

Can't believe this is in our backyard...

(No, this is not a bear ;) )

And only in Alaska are you going to see something this ridiculous....

Well, that's all for now.
Time to take Daddy to his flight again.

More to come this week.

Blessings XOXOXO


  1. So sweet, cannot believe how fast Elyse is growing!!It is great to see you enjoying these moments.....they sure go by so quickly!! May God continue to bless your family.... enjoy the journey!!Love from Oklahoma!!

  2. Thanks for sharing, my sweet daughter!!!! I love all the photos especially the ones of Lysey eating...a marvelous mess:) ha! Brings back so many memories :)

    The pix of Andrew and baby look professional (against your pink backdrop) are a very talented photographer ;)

    Love you all!!

    Ps. I will be trying some of these recipes...better idea: can you come to my house and bake them for me???? ;)