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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby watch: Our Christmas Photo Shoot!

As a result of poor planning and a limited amount of time I now have, I am going to combine our Christmas card with Elyse's announcement card
(Yes, they are all still sitting on my desk... awaiting a stamp.. Sigh)

However, we are getting an early start on this so we can be ready to enjoy peace and focus on the important things throughout the season.

As an added bonus, you can help me pick out a photo you like the best for our Christmas card!

Here was my inspiration:

Adorable, I know! I stuck my own baby in a box....



She INSISTED on eating the box no matter how hard I tried to make her stop....

O well! At least she looked cute doing it ;)

(Yes, the picture below is evidence she is her father's daughter)

(Dad, aren't you proud of that face?
Your genes have taught her well ;) )

And as Christmas dogs say,

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