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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ohhhhh Saturday!

What a week!
I am sure Eli thinks so too ;)
(he wouldn't come out of bed FOREVER on friday! ha!)
We are very thankful its Saturday.
It's been a productive week and I am thankful to say I celebrated by sleeping in on my Saturday!
It is day five of Andrew's deployment. I have gotten to talk to him via skype quite a bit (so that has been nice) and I believe I have been able to run strong still without him.
(And quite literally too! Here is a picture of Eli and I on our run on base:)

 As you can probably tell, it has been ABSOLUTELY gorgeous here. The day you see pictured above was 72 degrees and sunny! I was sweating, believe it or not! I am not complaining though... its been very delightful!

We have also been back in the swing of building. As I wrote last time, the bed was progressing nicely.. and now it is complete!
Step one:
Step 2: 
Step 3: 
And today, I added a trunk to set. I am still trying to decide if I like the white or not..
BUUUUUTTTT too late now!
I hate painting so that is the color it is going to stay for a while ;)

I even updated our bathroom a little bit to feel more relaxing
(this picture is really just up for Andrew's benefit so he knows everything I have done so far in our home!) 
 Being Saturday, and Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to get Eli and I out of the house and do something adventurous! Sooooo we went to the Turnagain Arm in south Anchorage with plans to bike ride.
However, as we were driving out, we started getting a decent amount of rainfall... then it became overcast and just plain blah. Once we go there, we found NOBODY was really out there either (which gave it an eery feel) and made me uncomfortable...
And then there was this LOVELY little sign that read 'Don't have a Bad Bear Day'!
Every scenerio, good to bad, of bear encounters were listed for your reading digestion was listed on this bulletin board...
Don't get me wrong:
I did end up enjoying a walk with Eli at the Turnagain Arm....
But we only did so for about 10 minutes and then ran back to the car!!!
I am just not to that point of independence and adventure yet here in Alaska.
.. besides, I really didn't want to end up like that guy who didn't tell anyone when he went hiking and ended up sawing his own arm off.....
NO thank you.
Until I get to know Alaska a little more intimately, I probably won't do anymore of these hikes!

As we drove back, I did get a picture of a passing train:

It was kind of hard to do though since it was coming so fast and I was attempting to maintain safe driving all at the same time!

Pretty cool!

And speaking of cool, the overcast day gave off a good chill...

So yes, guilty as charged: I did stop for a mocha on the way back from that cold trip.
But it was well worth the stop ;)

Ironically enough, we got home, I started building again and it turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL afternoon!
So Eli and I went on another short walk
(since I did owe him a much longer walk than he actually got today!)

So pretty! 
Ok, here's the fun part:
Where in the world is Andrew today?

You guessed it!

If anyone knew just how much time and energy I put into planning a trip to Italy for us while we were in Oklahoma, only to have it postponed, KNOWS just how much I envy him!
Actually, I haven't been that jealous ;) (surprisingly enough!)
AND I have really enjoyed seeing all the pictures from his adventure
(however, he DOES know and WILL acknowledge he now owes me a trip to Italy now. No exceptions!)

Here is a castle he visited in Venice: 

This is the flower garden! Isn't this absolutely gorgeous??? 

Here is one of Duino, Italy:

He was pretty spoiled while he was there too: four course meals, italian wine, REAL tiramisu and gelato! A beautiful new hotel to stay in with its own balcony!
He did think outside his adventure enough get something for baby girl though (he is not all a bad guy you know-- jk!)

An update on Eli: He went into his crate today... TWICE!

Yes, I did kind of have to eventually use a 'gentle' shove to actually get him entirely in the cage,
but once he was in, he really took his time getting out!
This is HUGE progress!
I just want to thank God for that miraculious moment and thank everyone who has been praying for this to happen as well!

Tennessee here we come!
Well, I suppose that is all for now. I have two more projects I am trying to complete currently, so I am going to get back at it. I hope to finish it by tomorrow-- but we will see. I can't wait :)

More to come soon!

Blessings--- XOXOXO--


  1. Love your blogs Kati! I had my picture taken on the same bridge that Andrew was on! You'll make it to Italy here soon! Love and miss you!

  2. I like this new look to your blog better than any you've had before!

    That bed looks awesome!